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Our small, award winning team is here and ready to help you have the most AMAZING wedding reception that your guests will be raving about for years to come.

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Our Wedding was practically split down the middle: one half a much older generation, and the other half a younger, rowdier military generation. To say that we were terrified of how the evening would turn out is an understatement! PINNACLE to the rescue!

We STILL have friends and family (from both walks of life) reaching out to us on a daily basis exclaiming that our Wedding Reception was the “funnest” they’ve ever been to! Pinnacle made our Big Night absolutely perfect!

One of the more calming levels of service Pinnacle provides is giving the Bride and Groom 100% control of the evening. It’s true! You can select every single song down to the very last minute, just a few so they can use their expertise to fill the gaps, or somewhere in the middle (this is what we elected to do, and we were so pleased with the result!) This really gave our DJ/MC the freedom to read the crowd’s energy and follow up with song after song that kept the crowd roaring and dancing.

Pinnacle really made what seemed like the impossible, possible.

Lastly, one of our favorite moments from the evening was their explosive introduction of our Bridal Party and our 1st introduction as Man and Wife: WOW! This completely set the pace for the evening, and had everyone on the edges of their seats!


We absolutely loved our experience working with Pinnacle DJ’s!!

The whole process of being able to create all the playlists you can think of (Must Play, Play if possible, Do not play, Play if requested) was absolutely perfect for us!

My husband and I are big hip hop/rap fans and not big fans of songs like the cha-cha slide, and thanks to their personalized playlists we were able to have the exact kind of music we would want to hear at our wedding.

The DJ’s were outstanding! They recognized what songs were making people stay on the dance floor and kept it going! We had the best time and so did our guests.

Thanks Pinnacle!!!



We LOVE Weddings!

Your Wedding Is a Major Event

Weddings are the biggest celebration of your life and we think your DJ should reflect this. A major event calls for a major effort, and we deliver, every single time. You’ve got enough to worry about. And we sure don’t want you to have to settle on the most important day of your life!

That’s why we’ve decided to include almost everything we can. At the same prices most other folks quote before adding on all of their upgrades.

We get it.

We know you’ve planned this day for a very long time. So we will work with you and your planner to integrate our equipment seamlessly into your decor. We want to be proud of our appearance if we end up in the background of your wedding photos!

It really matters to us.

So we ensure that there is no mess to look at by hiding wires and our equipment with no unsightly tripods and poles and uplighting of our gear to compliment your colors and much, much more. Day or night, we always look great.

And when the dancing starts, our understanding of weddings means that we have music for everyone. You can even pick it all in advance if you’d like, right here on our website. As full time professional wedding DJs, we know every single song we play and how to keep all of your guests dancing.

It’s what we do best.

Our goal is a reception that allows you to relax and enjoy the moment with the knowledge that you’ve hired the best DJ available anywhere. Lots of companies “do weddings”. But we treat yours like the major event that it is.

Because it’s all we do!

Destination Wedding Experts

Planning a destination wedding? Don’t worry, you can trust us.

In fact, we are the top choice for destination wedding couples in the Charleston area with about 95% of our couples planning from out of the area.

Our online planning tools and music request system are the best in the world. In fact, couples rave about how easy it made their planning and how they had complete confidence in our work as a result. They are available to you 24/7 from any web browser, any device, anywhere! And the best part? They are the very same tools the Pinnacle team uses too.

Each time you log in and make some additions or changes, we get an email letting us know. Then, we log in and see what you’ve done, asking any questions well in advance. We’ll be in perfect sync with you and your plans every step of the way.

Every couple who trusts Pinnacle has access to our online planning, but it offers additional peace of mind to our destination wedding couples! All 95% of you!!

Our DJ Mikey Lee was ABSOLUTELY amazing! We were so happy with the outcome. He spoke with us a couple of weeks before our wedding to clarify all the details and did not disappoint. He was engaging, accommodating, fun, communicative, and very responsive to the crowd. He even put together a short video that captured our wedding perfectly. We highly recommend him!!!


We had Matt DJ our wedding and OH MY GOD. He was amazing. Played all our favorites and he has incredible energy I noticed my Dad even trying to copy some amazing dance moves. He was very flexible as we last minute changed where our dance floor was going to be. He helped perfectly execute our wedding. I can’t rave about Pinnacle and Matt enough.



Why Us?

Everybody Dances!

It’s true!  We’ll work with you in ADVANCE to get to know you and your guests musically. No guesswork. No slow starts with an empty dance floor.

Not with us!

We’ll have them dancing from the very first song.

And we inspire some people to take it to another level!

Hey, sometimes a great Dj gets on a roll. And when we do, you and your guests might get on a bit of a roll too.

We call that “MAGIC”!

From the moment you contact us, you’ll feel confident that we are committed to helping you plan an amazing wedding. Not just another wedding, but the best one yet.


We love weddings. We really do. And we’d love to make yours unforgettable!


Meet some of the Team!

Mikey Lee, Head of the DJ Team, Principal DJ (he’s the tall one up there ^^^…)

Originally from England, Mikey Lee is proud to be an award winning, international DJ & Entertainer with an all round talent for live music. After graduating from stage school for musical theatre back in 2003, Mikey would become a multi award-winning entertainer all over the world.

Once he realized his passion for delivering music as a DJ, Mikey moved to a place where he could learn the skills necessary to keep a dance floor moving – the white island and DJ capital of the world Ibiza. He spent two years as a resident DJ in four different venues before wanting to take this new talent further and travel the world. Mikey then became the newest Pro DJ on board the travel industry leader & entertainment giant, Carnival Cruise Lines. This new role gave Mikey the opportunity to create new music sets and perform to thousands each week, providing the sound track to hundreds of weddings, events, and parties all over the world setting new standards of what it means to be an event DJ.

Spending years at sea and after meeting his love, Katelin, they decided to take their lives back on land and move to California. Mikey then auditioned for weeks in the popular Hollywood Hills location of “HQ Gastropub” in California.  After impressing the right people he earned the role of resident Video DJ in the new hotspot for live music & now HQ’S flagship location in Huntington Beach.

Mikey and Katelin now call Charleston home and Mikey is thrilled to be a part of the legendary Pinnacle team.

When not in the booth, Mikey loves traveling, hiking, surfing, music, photography, videography and walks on the beach at sunset.  He’s also happiest when he calls home to laugh with his Mum, Dad and 5 sisters, and all of his nieces and nephews.

A big part of Mikey’s success is truly believing no crowd is too big or small – because the outcome will always be the same. A fun filled party memory to look back on for years!

Matt Hays, Lead DJ/MC

Born on the North side of Chicago and raised just outside of Asheville, NC, Matt knew at an early age he wanted to live in warmer weather and in 2001 moved to Charleston.

His entire life has been spent working with people and adapting to changes large and small in a moments notice. Using a variety of hands-on technical and people skills he strives to create fun atmospheres for all to enjoy through a shared love of music.  Matt has been playing guitar for 10 years and, aside from his love of history, music has always been a favorite passion. He spends much of his free time encouraging music in the lives of his two young nephews.

It was through the encouragement of family and friends that Matt found a way to apply his love of music and social interaction to a fulfilling career as a DJ. They knew Matt’s love of music and exceptional instincts with people would prove successful in a career and the fit was immediate.

Matt found his way to Pinnacle and hasn’t looked back. The memories he is helping to create for couples has proven more rewarding than even the DJ work itself.

One of his favorite memories is from a wedding at Boone Hall’s Cotton dock, when the tide came up and the dance floor was covered in water. The mood wasn’t impacted in the least.  The guests removed their shoes, rolled up their pants and dresses and continued to dance in the cool water on a warm summer night in Charleston!!

It reminded Matt and every guest at that wedding that life is truly what you make it!!

They were awesome. DJ Mikey was fun, energetic and comical. Music was perfect for our guests. Lots of little kids and adults up dancing. They communicated well and easy to get a hold of quickly.


We used Pinnacle for our wedding. We selected Matt as our DJ and he did an unbelievable job! My wife was super pleased with his timing, transitions, and music he played. We had TONS of compliments from guests about him. During the night he asked us if we needed anything to drink or any help with anything. Matt was hands down the best DJ I’ve used/seen at an event!


The Reception Package

Additional enhancements

Pinnacle literally made our wedding something that everyone in attendance will remember forever. Specifically, the hands on attention that Stuart affords to each and every client is unparalleled. This is what sets Pinnacle apart from the rest of the bunch and my wife and I are grateful for the time and consideration that Stuart provided throughout the entire planning period.

In addition, the online planning tools are comprehensive and set you up for success right from the start. It was so easy to use and allows the couple to provide great detail to the Pinnacle team.

Perhaps most importantly, our DJ, Austin, was fantastic and is the reason why everyone had a blast! We provided a roadmap of the music we liked and Austin filled in the gaps with perfect selections. A giant thank you to Stuart and Austin. You guys are the best!


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